Welcome to this workspace on beneficiary feedback in evaluation and research

“Beneficiary Feedback” is a term that has entered the anglophone development and humanitarian workers’ vocabulary. perhaps surprisingly for those of us who thought that the term “beneficiary” had been dropped with the advent of rights based approaches. But here we are. The term is out there, being discussed/ blogged about/ rejected/ embraced. For evaluation and research, it seems the term brings up more questions that anyone has yet answered: is this just a re-hashing of participatory approaches to evaluation and research? Is it something different? Could this be the antidote we need to bring people and power back into the forefront of our discussions on evaluation and research? What does it mean in practical terms?

To help think through some of these implications, I have been commissioned to conduct research to:

  • Summarise the literature on Beneficiary Feedback, including definitional issues and lessons from practice;
  • Analyse the current and potential use of Beneficiary Feedback within evaluation and research; and,
  • Provide recommendations for future DFID guidance on incorporating Beneficiary Feedback within evaluation and research programmes.

I have set up this workspace to solicit views, experiences, recommendations from the wider evaluation and research in development community.  Please note that this space is not an official DFID approved website. Any opinions expressed here are my own and shared in the interests of open learning and reflection.

My Terms of Reference are here.Terms of Reference Beneficiary Feedback in Evaluation and Research

To start us off, I have posted a poll below and would love to hear your thoughts….

I would also really like to hear from anyone who is engaging “beneficiary feedback” in evaluation or research. I am looking for case studies to help us with our learning. Please use the contact form below and I will get back to you directly.

Also please feel free to post a comment/ question below and get the discussion rolling….

Thank you. 


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