Analytical framework for engaging a beneficiary feedback approach to your evaluation

I have designed what I hope is a really simple tool to help map out what types of beneficiary feedback might be most appropriate at different evaluation stages. Would anyone be interested in testing out this tool in any evaluations that they are commissioning/ tendering for/ designing?

As you can see below, it is a straightforward matrix that requires you to consider and map out the type of feedback that you think would be most appropriate at each stage of your evaluation. You can then use this to consider which methods might be most useful as well as what resources you might require. Sometimes there may be no extra cost, sometimes there may be.

You can copy the matrix from the below or I have attached it so that you can (hopefully) print it out and use it. Beneficiary Feedback in Evaluation Matrix

Please note that different types of feedback may be more appropriate at different stages.

One-way feedback to beneficiaries One-way feedback from beneficiaries Two-way feedback – inter active conversation between beneficiaries and evaluators Two-way feedback through participatory evaluation
Evaluation Design
Data Collection
Validation and Analysis
Dissemination and Communication

Do let us know how it goes! What were your challenges? Which approaches/ methods worked best? This website has received over 1100 views so far from all over the world so I hope we can share our learning together.