Capitalising on Momentum

So it has been a busy month finalising the report on Beneficiary Feedback for DFID and we already have people up for piloting/ testing the approach:  Two forthcoming evaluations in the Africa Region,  one joint monitoring mission between DFID and the World Bank and hopefully another evaluation of a DFID funded NGO programme. The draft report  has been presented to DFID, to the UK Learning Group on Beneficiary Feedback and will be presented to Interaction next week. Positive responses so far. World Bank are keen to review also, particularly in view of their commitment to 100% beneficiary feedback. Hopefully this paper and this new paper from Interaction will help with the “How To” do this practically, meaningfully and ethically in an evaluation context.

But I would love to get some discussion going here.

Are you trying to engage a beneficiary feedback approach to evaluation? What are your successes and challenges?

Have you read Interaction’s new paper and what do you think?

As for my paper, it is currently being formatted and will be published as a DFID working paper in the next few weeks. I will share then.


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